Thursday, 25 August 2011

Weird Dogs - Weird Week

Bit of a strange week with the dogs.  I'm thinking that maybe the weather sends them a bit loco, or maybe I just have beautiful but weird dogs

Tuesday was awful trying to walk them out of the estate on their road walk for the day.  They acted like they had not been out for weeks even though they had been out for two hours free running in the morning.  It took me an hour to get them walking correctly on lead.  It usually takes me about two minutes to walk out of our estates so go and figure.  As I sort of had lost my voice and was begging my will to live not to desert me I thought I would just do a quick spot of training in the field next to the airport.  Hector just ran off as soon as the lead was unclipped and Tilly winded me by slamming me against the small fence bordering the field in a panic to go with Hector before I had unclipped her lead.  I has to throw my lead at Hector to get him even to acknowledge me and I won't even tell you how many Hail Fathers I owe the almighty in the attempt to get something resembling a recall out of either of them.  I gave up a bad job and took them home and did not speak to them for the rest of the night

Yesterday I let them off in one of their favourite long grass fields on the headlands on their second outing.  It was very humid and rather than walk them for a way I can just let them exhaust themselves in one field and can track their position by an occasional heads up or follow the moving grass.  Tilly marked two pheasants and Hector flushed them, with neither intent on catching them as it was just a play around.  Tilly then went in to Dr Who K9 mode and was rigid, nothing moving except that nose of hers.  I have her a good five minutes to work out where it was, the object of desire of that nose, before I went to move on.  She refused to budge so I had to go and get her before Hector came slamming in resulting in me spending another five minutes trying to get him off whatever Tilly had scented.  As I went to put my hand on her harness I just could NOT believe it.  Beneath Tilly flushed flat to the ground was a hen partridge.  My able and willing hound had been, and was continuing, to home in on what was under her with out  a clue of its whereabouts.  I would of give up all the lottery money in the world to have had a camera at that instance.  Totally unbelievable and I wonder if anyone has ever had a dog do this before.  I mean she isn't blind and has a hell of a nose on her so she just must be stupid!!

Today, their second walk on the road.  Tilly spends most of her time cocking her leg instead of squatting until she is beating Hector on the lifts leg but no pee left marking.  We get to the main road just short of the very busy bus stop in sight of everyone passing and Tilly decides she is going to squat this time on the bottom of the raised bank.  Hector decides to go up the bank and mark over Tilly's spot except he forgets to wait until she has finished.  Result is Hector pees over Tilly's head and she takes offence and a scuffle breaks out.  They are firmly scruffed and separated and called a couple of first class buggers because if I wanted the hassle of having two badly behaved, spoilt brats I would of had kids............It did not go down well with the mothers waiting at the bus stop and I had no need to request "excuse me" as I passed as I think a leper would of been greeted with more enthusiasm in passing than a red faced, pissed off dog lady with two sulking dogs behind her

Only got tomorrow to go then I can get Colin to walk them :-)

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