Friday, 20 August 2010

Normal Service Restored!

Not blogged for ages.  Not sure if its lack or time or inclination or maybe just no brains left after suffering the summer with my two!
We are still a bit worried about Hector and his "quiet" moments, but me thinks he is still as mentally alert as ever and still capable of actions showing just what a turd he can be.

August brought Jersey and the Battle of Flowers as per usual and as per normal, it didn't rain on our particular parade - out of interest, if anyone is bored, perhaps they can tell me when it actually did, if ever, do the latter on Battle of Flowers day.  Anyway, I am drifting as I am given to do, so back to what I was saying....with Battle of Flowers comes the highlight of the bored off on school holidays little darlings of Jersey, the fairground that visits our shores on Peoples Park.  As  a result said area becomes a den of inequity for a fortnight but I really am not even going to start going there!!

On Sundays Hector and I partake of  a leisurely walk with my mum from her abode to said Park for a mooch and a spot of fresh air.  It is Hector and my time with "granny" who, in Hector's eyes, is nothing other than a treat dispensing machine that can be mugged.  The fairground was in the process of clearing up and the rides being dismantled ready for their ferry trip back to whence they came.  The fairground people are a colourful breed as are the choice of mutts that they leave wandering about under the pretence of "security".  Their living areas are located towards one end of the park and fenced off by means of plastic sheeting.

Upon my mum, Hector and I walking past this living area arrangement (do you know that they actually have full sized washing machines that they use outside of their caravans!) one very large and dirty looking GSD decided to do a Clint Eastward and ask Hector to make his day by barking at his precious treat dispensing machine....errrrr sorry I mean my mum.  Please remember Hector has just passed ten years of age, is minus five teeth - two of those his canine grippers - and has more lumps than my Sunday dinner custard.  In short, I went mental as I thought my precious darling was going to get savaged albeit after my mum.

As it was, Hector chose not to make this manky curs day and instead he took off after him, easily outpacing him, the result of which was a body slamming into the ground and an exorcist growl right down his left ear hole.  Sort of spoil my histrionics a bit as I had to change gear and pull my dog off of the poor hound that I had just been screaming at the owners to stop from savaging my "old harmless boy".  Being the soil of the Earth type of people, not only did the fair people applaud Hector but the owner of the defeated GSD actually offered in jest (I hope) to buy my dog because he "sure as hell landed my bugger one".  I am sure this episode went a little way to invigorate my boy somewhat as he pulled me back to my mum's with a tail that was showing a little high in attitude for my liking

A clear case of if you don't have the balls to finish what you start then keep out of the old, gummy, cantankerous Weimaraners way because he sure as hell will finish it for you!

That was Sunday.......I'm not finished yet

Wednesday, with it being hot again, I chose to walk through a lovely valley called Waterworks Valley for the reasons that don't need stating when wanting to walk somewhere cool with your dogs.

I was alerted to oncoming horses and quickly recalled Tilly due to the fact not only does she have such a high prey drive she can be prone to chasing anything that moves, she also has a terrible habit of screaming at horses and frightening not only the four legged ones but their two legged riders.  We were faced by two ladies, one on a absolutely beautiful Appaloosa that every child dreamt of owning and riding back during their cowboy and Indian dream days.  This lady stopped and dismounted as she wanted to speak to me about the two "lovely dogs so beautifully controlled" (yeah she probably needed glasses and was a bit deaf).  My first thought was "shit" as I really wanted to move on as I could feel Tilly starting to shake from the tail upwards and when the shake reaches her ears that's when she starts to scream.  I have no need to describe to a fellow Weimarener owner the sound or outcome of such a screaming session so you will understand my trying to bring the conversation with tonto pronto!

Just as I was rounding up on the description of the responsibilities of owning a Weimaraner I noticed her horse was a bit fidgety.  I also noticed her still mounted companion's eyes wandering towards the back of her friends horse where Hector was lingering.  I have no worries with Hector around horses as a rule.  Should of learnt by now that this dog was bred to break rules.  Hector was quite happily cocking his leg up against the poor horsey's back legs.  Doing one then the other!  I think the poor horse was suprised as well as if that were me I would of utilised my powerful legs for sending into orbit one disrespectful grey dog.

What was just as bad was the fact the little sod refused to come back to me and decided to try and catch the dragon flies from the stream to change the conversation he knew was coming.

Again a case, me thinks, of a Weimaraner having the final word.

The above has removed the rose tinted glasses with which I have been viewing Hector's recovery through.  I think I can now return to gluing the "he is NOT my dog" sign back on when out with him.

Mind you, Tilly has started to show disturbing turd like behaviour of Hector's proportions by drinking the raspberry flavoured vodka I was soaking my gold chain in to clean (someone told me it would work honest).  Although I do not advocate any of the above behaviour as anything but irresponsible on my behalf, I did notice that instead of tormenting me during the afternoon until her second walk, Tilly was unusually sound asleep in our bed until "daddy darling" came home from work!